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Speak at an SLCircle Event

We are always looking for exciting new presenters for our events! To begin the process, please complete the following information:

Photo or Logo*1
Dates Available*3, *4
Proposed Presentation Topic*
Additional Comments*5
  1. Photo or Logo: please enter links to one or more images that we can use in promotional materials, such as your photograph or a company logo. Alternatively, you may email us the images.
  2. Event: please indicate whether you wish to speak at Open Circles (Thursday noon) or Marquee Event (third Tuesday evening).
  3. Dates Available: please indicate several dates when you would be available to speak, keeping in mind the schedules for Open Circles and Marquee Events.
  4. Required Lead Time: Marquee Event speakers should provide the requested information and promotional assets at least 6 weeks before the requested speaking date. For Open Circles, the limit is 4 weeks before the requested date.
  5. Additional Comments: please include names of any additional presenters other than yourself, as well as a brief bio for each presenter.

Marquee Event Information


  • Promotion begins at the previous month’s Marquee event on the big screen at the beginning announcements. The event is reiterated at the end of the evening.
  • The SLCircle website, Facebook and MeetUp are updated as soon as speaker assets are provided once the previous month’s Marquee event has occurred.
  • SLCircle approved product promotion is available, sales and/or signings can accompany.
  • Throughout the month, the event will be pushed and promoted by the SLCircle Board and their committees.
  • The evening’s email list will be provided to the speaker post-event for the opportunity to follow with those in attendance.


  • Product promotion table: cocktail or seated
  • Tables, linens and chairs
  • Monitored registration entrance
  • Professional photographer, photos provided post-event
  • Professional AV, video provided to speaker post-event
  • SLCircle provided mediator available for Q&A
  • Private speaker green room
  • PowerPoint slide deck availability
  • Two large screens: one audience facing, one presenter facing
  • Front of room tables, linens, chairs and/or podium if desired

General Detail

When: Third Tuesday evening of each month

Location: Zions Bank Building Founder's Room (18th floor)

Address: 1 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84111

Occupancy: Maximum 220 seated

Time: 5:30-8:30 PM


5:30 PM         Doors open

5:30 PM        Pre-event networking

6:20 PM         Welcome announcements and attendee business card draw

6:30 PM         Presentation (segment 1)

7:00 PM         Networking break

7:15 PM         Presentation (segment 2)

8:00 PM         Post-event networking

9:00 PM         Doors close

  • Italicized times are flexible depending on speaker needs.
  • Pre-event speaker meeting will be held in the green room at 5:45 PM.
  • Food and drinks are served throughout.
  • Doors must close at 9:00 PM.